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Our Story

We began in 1995, as a mission offering hope to spiritually need people.  Within the first few years, we met a man who became a dear and respected friend, Sardar Jee Nidhan Singh.  As our friendship grew, I discussed with him our hopes for a place where people could gather.  In that discussion, He suggested the name, “The Hope Centre.”  His rationale; “The name is simple.  People need hope and it’s a place where people can find that hope.”

We visualized a place where people could receive hospitality, prayer, and spiritual help. 

In July of 2004, our friend suddenly expired.  One month before his death, he met Padre Peter and his wife on the street near our home.  The couple had just immigrated from New Delhi, and as he was receiving some assistance from Sardar Jee Nidhan, he was directed to our home.  The contact began.

In 2005, Padre Peter Nathaniel joined the staff of Hope Centre as full-time assistant.  Hope Centre functions as a centre for our diverse community, with the goal of bringing the Good News of salvation.

Hope Centre has now become a congregation, called ‘Hope Congregation,’ a people coming together on Sundays for worship and fellowship.  We are thankful for the support of a broad family of sister churches, and continue to grow in faith and prayer.  May our Lord receive all the glory!

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