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Our Story

We are a sanctuary offering hope to spiritually needy people.  Our story begins with a man who became a dear and respected friend, Mr. Nidhan Singh. As our friendship grew, a discussion began about our hopes for a place where people could gather. In discussing what we might call this place, he suggested the name ‘the Hope Centre.’ He gave his rationale for the name: “The name is simple. People need hope; It’s a place where people can find hope.” We visualized a place where people could receive hospitality, prayer, and spiritual help. Hope Centre functions as a Centre for our diverse community, especially among many of our friends of South Asian heritage. The Hope Centre is now a congregation, called ‘Hope Congregation,’ a people who come together on Sundays for worship, teaching and fellowship. With the assistance of a broader family of churches which calls itself the United Reformed Churches of North America, Hope Centre and congregation continue to grow through prayer and support.  Hope Centre and congregation is a safe, welcoming and caring community for all. 

We are available for prayer, spiritual help and assistance with any questions you may have. Pastor Tony Zekveld serves the Hope Congregation, under the supervision of Covenant Christian Church, Wyoming, Ontario. For a list of available services feel free to contact us.  We meet together for worship every Sunday at 12:30 pm. and for a teaching service at 2:00 pm.

We meet at Ebenezer Chapel: 8999 The Gore Road, Brampton, Ontario. Feel free to visit our website or contact us at 416-740-0543. 


With God’s blessing, a Christian mission elementary school called Hope Academy began in 2012. If you

are interested in learning more about this school, you may contact the principal, Mr. Chris Van Dyken at 

416-254-1617 or visit the school’s website:

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