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Every Life is Valuable!

Whose life is valuable? Is there a time when a human life has no value? Who determines when a human life has or has no value? These are important questions. Consider the following:

In 2015, prohibitions against assisted suicide was struck down in the Supreme Court of Canada. Canada’s parliament responded in 2016 by providing a legal framework for doctors to end the lives of some dying patients if patients requested it.

In 2021, parliament expanded Canada euthanasia law to allow doctors to end the lives of patients with disabilities or chronic illnesses that are not terminal. And now plans are in place to open up doctor assisted suicide to Canadians suffering from mental illness in March 2023 (see The slippery slope is real.

According to, doctors will be able to offer assisted suicide to “the grandfather with dementia, the mother who struggles with depression, the university student with anxiety and suicidal ideation.”

There has been a sharp increase of MAID (Medical Assistance In Dying) deaths each year. More than 20,000 Canadians have now died using MAID.

This is extremely concerning and should be concerning to every Canadian. Initially, doctors were not allowed to bring it up, the patient had to request it. Now doctors can suggest it. I encourage you to voice your concern to your MP.

Many say, “This does not affect me.”

But it does affect you. It affects people you know and love –the weak, the disabled, the sick and the elderly. By giving Canadians the right to request MAID, all suffering Canadians are put in a position where they are obliged to consider.

The lives of all Canadians are valuable; not just some. Assisted suicide says that your life is no longer valuable. You no longer have worth. You are a burden to society.

Instead of assisted suicide, we should always work to prevent suicide. We should make resources available: counseling and life-affirming treatments like palliative care. Every human life has value, purpose and meaning, even in suffering and old age. Our lives are in God’s hands. He decides when His purpose on earth for us is done.

The Lord Jesus Christ has compassion and saving grace for the broken, the mentally ill and those the world considers as burdens and inconveniences. If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, reach out to someone. You may reach out to us at the Hope Centre 416-740-0543. You are valuable. There is hope.

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