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Knowing the Way of Peace

Peace is more than just the absence of war; more than the absence of conflict and strife.  It also includes the presence of wholeness, completeness, security, and welfare.  It’s a state of wellbeing. The Hebrew word ‘shalom’, for example, is a special word bringing out the richness and depth of meaning.  


I recall in graduate school (seminary) taking a Hebrew class, and my professor stammering as he attempted to bring out its meaning.  He used all kinds of words to bring out the fullness of meaning. 


The absence of war and conflict may merely be an ‘outward’ peace.  A ceasefire in the Middle East may bring about a temporary outward peace.  Banning guns from our streets or bringing security officers into our schools may be an attempt at enforcing peace. The presence of police officers at large protests may pacify the population.  It’s a way to keep the peace.  But that’s different than knowing the way of peace.


The real problem is not war or guns or a lack of police officers in our streets. The root of the problem is the heart which consists of the mind, the will, and affections. The human heart is sinful and rebellious. In Adam, our first father, we rebelled against God by disobeying Him.


I quote some weighty words here and it’s not a flattering picture of man. Man, therefore, “brought upon himself blindness, horrible darkness, futility, and perverseness of judgment in his mind; wickedness, rebelliousness, and stubbornness in his will and heart; and impurity in all his affections.”   We might be offended by these words, but is this not the truth about us?   


My wife and I raised five children. One of the first words they learned to say as babies was the word ‘no’, a rebellious ‘no.’  The above quote confirms what the Bible says, “the way of peace they have not known” (Romans 3:17).


We need the mercy of God who alone can change our hearts. That comes by repenting of our sin and trusting in Christ alone for a new heart.  He is the way of peace.  Knowing Him we come to know the way of forgiveness and peace. He carried the full punishment for sin on the cross.  In Him God restores peace with us.


This way of peace, we at Hope Centre, desire to make known to you who are anxious, afraid, and so broken by the pain that sin brings.  Jesus can make you whole again.




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