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Freedom from Slavery

Set Free from Slavery

We’ve all heard stories of slavery. We’ve learned about the harsh realities of slavery in history: exploitation, physical abuse, and loss of privileges. A slave was owned by his master. He was considered by law as property, and deprived of the rights ordinarily held by free persons.

Though abolished as an institution, slavery flourishes today; albeit in new forms. It’s more “hidden.” It’s dressed in a “civilized” veneer. Recently I met an international student who was working for five dollars/hour (hardly minimum wage!) at a store with no break times. Heart-breaking! And there are many such examples.

In other ways, we are giving ourselves into slavery. I hear countless stories of many, so deep in debt, that they do not see the day that they will be free from it. They are in bondage to “their masters” (banks), working day and night “for them.” They carry heavy burdens, straining and toiling in order to “pay up.”

In its worst form, slavery is being in bondage to sinful passions and desires. Greed is a big one. So is discontentment, hate, lust and jealousy. How do we free ourselves from these cruel task masters? We hear much about addictions. Alcohol, drugs, gambling and pornography control or master the lives of many. Many yield to the harsh dictates of their cruel masters, ruining their lives. Are such people truly free persons? Are they not “chattel” brought under demeaning powers?

We are a nation of slaves. We need to be set free. We need to be set free from our sinful passions and evil desires. Let’s just call it sin. Sin is cruel, demeaning, yet a powerful task master. Satan uses these for his own delicious end. Who can take down ‘sin’ and ‘Satan’?

This is what Christmas is all about. Jesus, the Son of God, was born for this purpose. The Bible says, “for this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.” Jesus defeated Satan and sin’s power through His death on the cross and by rising again on the third day to free us.

He’s the only One who can save us from these deadly powers and free us from them. By trusting in Him, He sets us free. This freedom brings joy. By His power, He gives us the new freedom to serve Him. He is a good Master; One in whom we find everything we need!

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