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A Way Out for the Exploited and Abused

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

It grieves me to hear of countless international students, especially girls, who are being exploited, taken advantage of in light of their difficult financial situations.

They are coming to our colleges and universities in Canada with honorable intentions. Many students come alone with the intent to study hard, set high goals, and please their parents.

Now I speak personally to you students who are in a pressing financial situation. Your triple tuition rates, high rental fees for living, and the limited hours you are permitted to work, leave many of you in dire straits. You are frustrated. You feel the shame in talking with your parents who sent you here with their well wishes. You are all alone. And some of you are being exploited, ‘forced’ into underground activities, for not being able to pay your rents. So you offer payment in other ways.

Pregnancies are on the rise and few men want to take responsibility for their action. It grieves me to hear of students who see no way out, who have no one to talk to, and who are ending their own lives. Yes, well-intentioned, brilliant students; traumatized.

But you need to talk; you need to share with someone who really cares, who really wants to help you emotionally, and help you find a way out. You may contact us at 416-740-0543. Feel free to use a pseudo name. It’s strictly confidential. You may also meet, one-on-one, in confidence, if you desire.

Your more important questions are, ‘what do I do now? Where do I go from here? How do I deal with my shame and guilt? Is there a way out?’ Do talk about it. Don’t bottle it up.

If you are a young fellow, feeling at the end of your rope or perhaps involved in substance abuse and want out of this lifestyle, contact me or text me at 416-740-0543. I am a pastor and the Hope Centre is also here to provide counsel, to encourage, and to offer hope. Our aim is to rebuild lives. We are located in Brampton. You may text at your own convenience or chat with us on the website at

Our aim is to help you get the New Year 2022, on a new footing.

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