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An Unwanted Pregnancy. What Now?

I continue to read and hear of international students, especially girls, who are being abused and sexually exploited by fawning gangsters in the GTA. They come with good intention to study, with the blessing of their parents. However, many find they are unable to afford their high rents, and men are courting sexual favors as payments.

It’s heartbreaking to hear of the trail of shame, their suffering in silence and even the ending of their own lives. Unmarried girls are getting pregnant, with nowhere to turn. How do you now hide the shame? The guys get away without suffering any shame or punishment and the girl is left alone to carry it. What should she do? Terminate the life in her womb? It sounds like a quick, easy solution. But is it? To terminate a pregnancy is ending the life of a baby inside the womb, a precious life God is fashioning with His own hands.

I understand the pregnancy is unwanted. But the baby inside the womb would not want to be unwanted. Before you consider terminating the pregnancy, consider other options. There are Pregnancy Care Centers in the GTA, who will stand beside you, support you, and discuss options with you. One of them is adoption. Many married couples are unable to have a child and would gladly adopt a child and provide it with a warm and caring environment. If you want to know more, we could place you in contact with one of these support systems. Feel free to chat with us at There is a way out for you and for the baby.

It may be a hard way but it is the right way. Hiding the shame from your parents does not take away the shame. Getting rid of the evidence of the shame does not take it away either. You need to know that God sees it all. And God sees everything the men do as well. Yet He is so loving that He comes to you in Jesus, offering to forgive your shame and guilt and help you to start new. He doesn’t come to condemn but to save. This is good news that God offers you in your heartbreaking situation. With Jesus, He offers a new beginning and a new life for all who truly come to Him for forgiveness. He takes away all our shame!

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