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Christian Education: A Distinct Alternative

You may be thinking about your child’s education again. Summer is half over.  School is just around the corner: new teacher, new school year, and new things to learn.   You are still on vacation mode but thoughts are now focusing on purchasing school supplies, and checking out good prices on your child’s favorite brand-name running shoes.

But let’s stop right there for a moment.  Stop to think about the purpose of educating your child. Is it only to get good grades and hopefully to receive honors in the classroom?   Let’s step back a bit.  Isn’t education about forming the mind, the character of your child and showing him how to lead a disciplined life?   If you are a good parent, you are concerned about feeding your child good, healthy food!  Likewise, what we feed our child’s mind contributes to our child’s character and shapes it.

Hope Academy is one of many Christian schools, a mission school, accredited with the Ontario government. Three things may be said about it: 

First, our standards.  Our school board and teachers have high standards.  We promote quality academics.  We have high moral standards and maintain good discipline in the classroom.  This is reinforced not only through the teaching but also through the life -example of our teachers.   The aim of our teachers is to train the mind and shape the character of our students by feeding the right food to their minds. 

Second, we are small.  One of the privileges of having small classroom sizes is the teacher – student ratio.   Each child receives specialized attention.  No one feels left out.  Each child is considered special and therefore the learning environment is enhanced in the maths, sciences and literature.   Another benefit is that the teacher also has a close relationship with the parents of the child.

Third, our students come from different backgrounds and religions.  Currently we have children from many different backgrounds.  We are a private mission school and we offer Junior Kindergarten – Grade 5 quality education in an environment of excellence. 

If you are interested in learning more about Hope Academy, you may visit the website at  Of if you like, you may schedule an onsite visit by calling 416-254-1617.  It’s not too late.  Consider Hope Academy as a distinct alternative of education for your child!

By Pastor Tony Zekveld

Aug 1, 2017

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