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The Wonder of a Solar Eclipse

Where were you on that day of the solar eclipse on April 8?  The wonder and awe inspired hundreds of thousands to go to areas where they could experience its totality.   Many shared photos, describing its stunning wonder.


My wife and I chose to stay in Toronto where we had 99% totality. It was cloudy at the time. Even then, at its height mid-afternoon, darkness began to descend, the street lights turned on, and the birds began to quiet down and nest ‘for the evening.’  As one podcaster said, “this was the shortest night for the animal world!”


What was most striking about this stunning wonder, hearing from those in its direct path, is how the heavens declare the glory of God!  As Sean Lytle shared, “He created the universe in a such a way that we get these amazing shows every so often – on a predictable basis.  God is not a god of chaos but a God of order.”   That’s why we were able to predict the exact day, hour and minute!  Amazing accuracy!


Lytle then raises the question, “have you thought about the fact that the moon, with a mean diameter of 2,159.2 miles, and the sun, with a mean diameter of 864,938 miles, appear almost the same size in our sky?”  He says “the reason they appear nearly the same size (and result in total eclipses) is their distance from the earth which is almost perfect for that result.” 


He adds, ‘But the amazing thing is that those distances are important for life here on earth. The sun, any closer or further way would result in temperatures too hot or too cold for human life. The moon, any closer or further away would not stay in position. In addition, the moon is partially responsible for our tides which help support ocean life.”


None of this happens by chance, but all this points to the Creator. It’s His witness to us and Him we come to know through His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. Through Him, God created all things and through Him God upholds all creation.


The next time you hear the scare tactics of those pushing their ideology behind climate change, remember God’s promise, “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night, shall not cease” (Bible, Genesis 9:22).   The solar eclipse on April 8 serves as a precious reminder: God is in control. All things, including this world, are in His hands. Trust Him!


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