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How Many Races Are There?

Lately there has been a plethora of voices on the news and talk shows about racism. So much of the debate has been fueled by the violent clash between white nationalists and counter-protesters on August 13 in Charlottesville, Virginia.   Since then “a far-right protest” drew hundreds of people to the streets of Quebec City “raising alarm among those who have devoted their life to opposing racist views.”   Then, the latest news; the University of Toronto denies ‘nationalist rally’ on campus. 

Politicians are now distancing themselves from the idea of free speech on university campuses and certain conservative news groups are facing the heat.

The word ‘racism’ I find to be troubling.  Actually the word itself doesn’t make sense.   ‘Racism’ presupposes more than one race; actually multiple races.  With that comes the idea that one race is superior to the others.  This is one of the sad fruits of Darwin’s theory of evolution which is blatantly false.  It’s a theory presupposed as true but there is no truth in it.  In fact, Darwin’s teaching as fact in our schools has only fuelled ‘racism.’

Creation, as opposed to the theory of evolution, is rooted in history. God created  not many human races, but one human race with a variety of skin colors and languages.   God “has made from one blood every nation to dwell on all the face of the earth.”   This one human race has one set of parents, Adam and Eve.  We are all “from one blood.”   As one South Asian reminded me ‘the color of blood is red.’

A preferred word to ‘racism’ might be ‘prejudice’ or ‘discrimination’ on the basis of skin color.   Some might say it is the same thing.  But I would say it is not.   I prefer to use ‘prejudice’ or ‘discrimination’ because there is only one human race.   This does not make prejudice a good thing.  Prejudice on the basis of skin color or nationality is sin.

In His love, Christ sacrificed Himself for a human race in conflict; that is, He gave His life to save His people from their sins, people of every color and nation: brown, black or white.  In Christ, there is a new creation of one rich and colorful mosaic living together in unity! 

By Pastor Tony Zekveld

Sep 1, 2017

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