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The Way Out of Addiction

According to medical news today, an addiction ‘is an inability to stop using a substance or engaging in a behavior even though it may cause psychological or physical harm.” Alcohol and drugs may come to mind but so does gambling, pornography, or video gaming.

There is an obsession with it. You are unable to stop. It so has you in its powerful control, that you no longer think of the harmful consequences. You just give into it. It becomes a habitual pattern of life.

Your addiction is your god. Consider alcohol addiction as an example. Drinking alcohol in itself is not sinful but we can use it in an evil way. Drunkenness is a sin. People come to us who have a problem with alcohol addiction. They are looking for help.

But the first thing we want them to recognize is that when alcohol controls their life, they become its slave. Somehow we need to communicate this, ‘Your god is a merciless tyrant. Does ‘he’ really care about you? No. He does not care about you. He does not have your well-being in mind. He fools you into thinking that he can give you happiness and pleasure. But he is making you bankrupt; he is destroying your relationships, and he is destroying your life.’ You need to stop giving your life to it. You need to stop trusting in your bottle!’

Jesus can break your addiction. Often I hear the sad stories behind the addiction: the terrible abuse of family members, the resulting loneliness and depression. And no doubt, often professional help is required; more than what we can provide. I think of Teen Challenge, an excellent Christian ministry that assists men and women to overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol.

But ultimately the addict needs to make the choice to break his or her addiction and deal with the guilt and shame of his or her actions. And this is when we introduce the true and living God who revealed Himself in Jesus Christ. He truly loves. He truly cares. He came to give His

life on the cross to forgive the sin and guilt of all who trust on Him. More than that. He broke

the power of death by rising from the dead on the third day. Certainly, then, He can also break your addiction and free you from its cruel slavery.

I’ve witnessed it as many others have. There is hope and new life in Him!

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